Blood Cancer Has Caged My Student Life, Please Rescue Her!

हमे इलाज के लिए जरुरत है

₹ 6,00,000

आपका सहयोग दान

Ujala My friends Patient Hospitalized at Tata Memorial Hospital, Parel , Mumbai

"हम आपनी जीविका जो हमें मिलता है उससे चलाते हैं लेकिन हम दान देकर किसी की जिंदगी बनाते हैं|"

The worst fights are those that you fight with yourself.

The biggest struggle is to witness a loved one suffer.

This is Ankit Vishwakarma desperately trying to raise funds for my Friend Ujala.

She is suffering from Blood Cancer,

The medical expenses incurred up till now amount to lakhs approximately. This amount has left our family with burned pockets. We are unable to afford further treatment of 6 lakhs.

She is having a really tough time and his health is deteriorating at an alarming rate. Without timely treatment, we stand at the risk of losing her forever.
Therefore, I turn to everyone in this hour of need for help. I greatly trust the humanity and kindness that resides within everybody's heart. With high hopes, I request you all to support me in raising the necessary funds for her good health.
Each contribution is important! Please help raise the required amount by clicking on the donate button and sharing this fundraiser with family and friends. We are grateful for your help and good wishes.

My sense of gratitude has no bounds. Thank you very much


Account Number: 214042080001635
Account Name: Ujala
Bank Name: Baroda UP Bank

Donate via Paytm/Google Pay/PhonePe

UPI - help.ujala@ybl

स्कैनर और UPI में Ankit नाम आएगा


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